Podcast Episode 3 – What to do when someone hates you!

This week the boys discuss hatred and how you can handle those situations where you know that someone really doesn’t like you, has maybe called you a ‘massive effing tw*t’ and really meant it, or straight out said “I hate you” and Bates blows his chance to go for a beer with Tom Hanks.

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Robin’s a bit quiet and crackly (and had just had a tooth out) on this one so apologies for the sound (he’s since got a fancy new mic).

This week Barker and Bates discuss::

  • How do you know that someone hates you?
  • What can you do about it?
  • Why should or shouldn’t you care?
  • How it can impact your behaviour and create a vicious circle
  • Techniques you can apply to resolve conflict
  • How you’re not a mindreader and unable to climb inside peoples’ heads.

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