My Clients get…

As a client you will benefit from much more than an hour of personalised therapy a week. Unlike most therapists, my services also include all the following as standard, giving you the support you need both in and outside of the therapy room.


Working with me and getting better starts with having fun and a relationship based on collaboration, shared interest and having fun.

Personalised Therapy Plan

After the initial consultation we devise a peronalised therapy plan, and you get a plan to take home with key milestones so that you know when we start what your goals are and what you are working towards.

MP3 Self Hypnosis library

As one of my clients you get full access to my library of tailored self hypnosis tracks that you can use between sessions. This means you can benefit from the healing power of hypnosis between sessions. I have recorded these especially for my clients and when we write your personal therapy plan I will recommend which powerful hypnosis tracks to listen to.

Text service

You will be able to text me and get a friendly supportive text back. I am fully committed to my clients and I am your hypnotherapist everyday not like others who are your hypnotherapist for an hour a week. If we decide to work together, we enter into a therapeutic alliance that lasts.

Back up tool box

I have studied a variety of hypnotic techniques and I am flexible in my approach so that we find what works best to get the results you want. I always have something else in my back pocket.

Private Facebook Group

All clients get access to the New Leaf Therapy private Facebook group where you can find mutual support from other people who have sought my help.

SOS Skype service

I make the following pledge to you. If you ever find yourself in a spin, or a situation that you cannot handle when you get in touch with me we will schedule an emergency Skype session .


Pain Management, Weight Management, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Stress, Anxiety, Depression, Fears and Phobias, Smoking Cessation, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Performance Coaching, Sport Motivation

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