How We Work – Walking Through the Story

In an outdoor therapy session client and therapist travel through a natural setting together, at the client’s pace. Sessions last an hour and begin and end at the same gateway or therapy threshold. During this time, the natural surroundings may invite the client to reflect on particular life events or challenges and together we can explore and seek to better understand the impact of these experiences. Changes in the landscape may create different perspectives, whilst seasonal cycles evoke losses and endless regenerations.

Other natural spaces can offer us an opportunity for rest and replenishment, to regulate heightened emotions, or simply to “be with” nature. My role as therapist is to hold the boundaries of the session (confidentiality, ethical practice, time and place) to facilitate the client’s connection with the natural environment, not direct it and to accompany the client on a journey which moves inwards and outwards, traversing the past, present and possible futures, “walking through the story”.

Psychodynamic in Nature therapy activity may include;

Talking therapy or “walk and talk” therapy

Embodied communication; noticing how we move and the sensory, bodily experience

Forest Bathing (Shinrin-yoku) or immersion in the atmosphere of the woods

Working with “living metaphor” or the symbolic significance of what we encounter; something meaningful happening outside that has an internal relevance

Focussing on the client-therapist relationship, and relationship with nature

Receptivity to the seasonal cycles of change, loss and regeneration

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